Where has Joe been?

Last you heard from me I was chatting about Waiting in XCTest. Since I haven’t posted in a while I felt it a good idea to give a quick update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

Goodbye New York, hello world!

On July 31st my partner, Adrienne, and I broke our lease to our Brooklyn apartment. We decided we’ve had enough of the big city life and it was time for a change. Quite a big change, actually.

Now that Adrienne is working for herself (congratulations are in order!) and I can work remotely, we decided to take advantage of our situation. A crazy sounding idea at first, but one we actually ended up following through with. We’ve decided to start traveling the world!

Adrienne and Joe
Adrienne and Joe

We will be working remotely from different cities, exploring all they have to offer. Montreal, Portland, Nashville, Charleston, and New Orleans are all on our list. Follow more real-time on Twitter, and reach out if you want to grab a drink or chat code!

Masilotti.com is still for tech

Instead of trying to squeeze in all of our adventures and recipes on Masilotti.com, we’ve started a new blog. This site will keep its focus on Swift, Ruby, and testing.

You can follow our new life and all of the food we are eating over at Traveling Appetites. (Disclaimer, its a lot of food.) My first post, a delicious recipe for Sunday Gravy, was just published. If you’re interested in cooking, food, and/or travel, I suggest taking a peek!

Sunday gravy
Sunday gravy

What’s next?

Planning out this new chapter in our lives took a lot of work, so I haven’t made as much time for the blog as I would like. I’m hoping to change that with a new post soon.

I’m looking at a few different ideas for posts here, but would love your feedback. What does everyone want to learn about next? More Swift testing? Hybrid apps with Turbolinks? Something entirely new? Let me know in the comments!