Need a hand with Turbo Native?
I'd love to help.

I've been working with Turbo Native since 2015. Since then I've helped half a dozen businesses launch and consulted for twice as many. Here's how I can help you bring your Rails app to iOS and Android with Turbo Native.

  • Zero to App Store

    Best if you need brand new Turbo Native apps and want me to do everything.

    You get a developer (me!) to build your iOS and Android apps and launch them.

    I write all of the native Swift/Kotlin code and Rails integration needed. We can integrate with native Apple/Android SDKs, too. I work with your designers and developers to teach and apply the best practices I've accumulated working with the framework for 7+ years.

  • Private custom workshop

    Best if you want to level up your team to write Turbo Native apps on their own.

    You get a custom workshop tailored to your team's unique needs and skill level.

    Workshops can range from virtual, half-day sessions to in-person, multi-day events. They can cover Swift/Kotlin syntax, dive right into the Turbo Native integration, or skip ahead to best practices in building scalable hybrid apps with small teams.

  • Monthly advisory retainer

    Best if you want to write the code yourself but need an expert to guide you.

    You get unlimited access to me via phone, email, and/or Zoom.

    Use our time to get advice on best practices, receive technical overviews of topics, or even to dive into your Turbo Native code. I return all messages no later than the next business day. Meetings must be scheduled in advance.

  • Pair with Joe

    Best if you have specific questions on your Turbo Native app.

    You get a hands-on pairing session with a Turbo Native expert.

    Price: $499 for a 90 minute pairing session

    A private 90-minute pairing session with me. Use our time to dive into a specific question or problem you're having with your Turbo Native app. Limited to one session per month per individual/business.