Joe Masilotti
Joe Masilotti

I'm Joe Masilotti, the Turbo Native guy.

I help businesses build and launch hybrid iOS apps powered by Turbo Native and Ruby on Rails.

I’ve been working with Turbo Native since 2015, back when it was still called Turbolinks. Since then I’ve helped half a dozen businesses launch in the App Store.

I write about how to use Turbo Native and built a paid code template to jumpstart your project. Check out my services to see how I can help you launch in the App Store.

Every month I send the ⚡️ Hotwire dev newsletter, a curated round-up of the latest Hotwire articles, code, courses, and more. This is the best place to keep up with my upcoming workshops and latest work.

This month I’m kicking off the first Turbo Native workshop. This 3-hour virtual workshop will teach attendees how to port their own Rails apps to iOS with Turbo Native.

Outside of Turbo Native I’m the founder of RailsDevs, a reverse job board for Ruby on Rails developers. Even though I launched only a year ago, RailsDevs has already placed 30+ developers with jobs.