Hi! 👋 I'm Joe Masilotti, an independent developer who's passionate about clean, testable code. I build, test, and deploy Ruby on Rails, Turbo (Turbolinks), and iOS apps.

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Joe Masilotti

I would love to work together!
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The “Masilotti.com Umbrella”, as I like to call it, contains a few different areas of focus.


First is consulting, where I help teams design, build, test, and deploy their products. Primarily Ruby on Rails sites, native iOS apps, and Turbo-powered (Turbolinks) hybrid mobile apps.

My focus is clean, testable code and integrating into a company as much as possible. Expect to see me in your Slack and weekly meetings!

I also work full stack across all disciplines, tackling anything from Sidekiq background jobs to front-end Stimulus controllers. Or building the JSON API and SwiftUI app in concert.


Pair programming is the quickest way to level up your development skills. I take this to heart and offer live, 1:1 coaching in Ruby on Rails, iOS, and general testing best practices.

These sessions range from teaching SwiftUI to new iOS developers to coaching entire teams on high-level architecture. Occasionally, I run group sessions on specific topics, like UI Testing or Swift mocks.


Mugshot Bot

My primary focus is Mugshot Bot, a zero effort social image generator. Plug in a URL and it spits out a beautifully designed, perfectly sized image to share on Facebook and Twitter. You can even point your `og:image` tag directly to Mugshot Bot's servers.

X-Wing AI

On iOS I run a board game companion app for X-Wing, X-Wing AI. The app simulates a human opponent with a believable yet unpredictable AI. This has been a huge welcome for a game that usually requires at least two people to play!


Continuing the board game trend, I'm the founder of weTabletop, a directory for remote board game events. You can also track your played games with beautiful pictures of the board.

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