Hi! 👋 I'm Joe Masilotti, an independent developer who's passionate about clean, testable code. I build, test, and deploy Ruby on Rails, Turbolinks, and iOS apps.

I would love to work together!
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I’m currently working with Zaarly helping them fine-tune their iOS apps. I built their iOS and Android apps a few years ago we’ve been working together ever since.

Previously, at BeerMenus I was responsible for building and maintaining the website and native apps. I was also responsible for evaluating and integrating all infrastructure changes, performance improvements, and automated testing.

Before working at BeerMenus, I spent a few years learning how to test code with Pivotal Labs. While there I worked on some amazing products including Cue by Humana, MyHealth by Humana, and InSite.

You can find more on my LinkedIn profile.

On the side, I’m the founder of weTabletop, a directory for remote board game events. If you love board games then check it out! You can also track your played games with beautiful pictures of the board.

I also host a live web session on testing in Swift every month. Last session we had eight developers join and learn about protocols and mocking! Send me an email if you want to join next time.

Feel free to follow my open source projects on GitHub, reach out to me on Twitter or send me an email.