Turbo Native workshop

Learn how to bring your Ruby on Rails app to iOS in this 3-hour interactive workshop on Turbo Native.

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“Just wrapped at Joe’s first Turbo Native workshop. Money well spent. His workshop was huge in helping me wrap some concepts together.” - Mike Monroe

Native apps are hard. They’re expensive to build and even more expensive to maintain. But with Turbo Native, that’s no longer true.

The framework enables Rails developers like you and me to build high-fidelity hybrid apps with native navigation in a fraction of the time.

Turbo Native unlocks native apps for Rails developers in a way that avoids a maintenance nightmare. Adding a new feature to your Rails app is automatically available to your native apps — no rebuilding or resubmitting needed. And since you’re building mobile web views there’s not another framework or library to learn once you have Turbo Native set up.

The interactive workshop will be 3 hours long. You’ll learn how to use the native iOS Turbo wrapper to build high-fidelity hybrid apps with native navigation.

What you’ll get out of this workshop

How to use Turbo Native - Learn how to integrate the framework into a new Xcode project and how to handle common flows like clicking links and handling errors.

How to think like an iOS developer - Master code navigation in Xcode, where to go for documentation, and how to follow the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

How to make your app feel more native - Uncover hidden Rails helpers that abstract Turbo Native concepts and let us do what we do best, write Ruby code.

How to authenticate users - Configure Devise to ensure users remain signed in to the iOS app and how to make authenticated, non-web HTTP requests.

How to build native screens with SwiftUI - Progressively enhance screens by converting them to fully native SwiftUI views, powered JSON endpoints.

“Great pace and content, and opportunity to get clarification on some key concepts real time was priceless. Highly recommended!” 💯 - Miles


A good portion of the workshop is live coding – sometimes I’ll be driving and other times you will be given prompts to complete with other attendees. The session will have two breaks and wrap up with Q&A.

Attendees will also receive access to:

iOS + Rails codebases - Private GitHub repositories to work through during the workshop. Together, these build the groundwork for launching your own Turbo Native app.

Private community - Discord server to discuss Turbo Native and the take home activities with other attendees and myself.


The next workshop will take place in late 2023. Add your email to get first access when I open up registration.

By signing up you’ll also be subscribed to my weekly newslettter.

“What we learned in few hours unlocks the possibilities for us to spin up a mobile app for our users quickly and reliably.” - Sweta Sanghavi

About the author

Hi, I’m Joe! I’ve been working with Turbo Native since 2015.

I’ve helped dozens of businesses launch in the App Store. I know the gotchas, trade offs, and best practices. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned so you can launch your own app with Turbo Native.

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All attendees must be able to run a Ruby on Rails app and Xcode on their machine, clone a git repository, and navigate between git branches/tags.

They must also have a basic understanding of Swift and iOS development. You should be comfortable working with optionals, protocols, delegates, extensions, and UIKit classes like UIViewController and UINavigationController.

Read through Swift for Ruby developers to get up to speed.

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“I was always searching for that missing piece to complete my understanding of Turbo Native. I found it in Joe’s workshop. It blew me away with new and innovative tricks. If you’re thinking of giving Turbo Native a try, Joe is the perfect guide.” - Tony Messias