Solopreneur on vacation

I started this blog to talk about three topics: Turbo Native, Ruby on Rails, and being a solopreneur.

And for the past four months, I’ve focused entirely on Turbo Native because that’s what I’ve been living and breathing. I’ve been writing a book, building open source packages, and working with multiple clients.

Today I’m talking about solopreneurship for the first time.

That’s because this week, I’m on vacation. I’m spending two weeks in Sydney, Australia to watch the women’s World Cup.

Adrienne and Joe at the Sydney Opera House
Adrienne and Joe at the Sydney Opera House

What’s top of mind is recognizing what it’s like to take time off from work as a solopreneur. And I struggle with time off.

I find it hard to step away and stop working. When I’m in the zone I feel like I would lose momentum if I stepped away. Momentum that I wouldn’t be able to pick back up.

Hell, I’m writing this newsletter right now from a coffee shop before the rest of my travel group wakes up!

But what I always fail to see is how helpful time off is. Even to me.

If I’m stuck and can’t figure something out the last thing I want to do is step away. But going for a quick walk almost always brings me clarity and highlights something I’d previously overlooked.

Not only can I pick up that momentum but I find there there is even more waiting for me.

Vacation gives me this but 10x. Stepping away for a week or two and forcing myself to take a break unlocks something in my mind.

It grants perspective on what’s important. It highlights parts of my (work) life that are no longer fruitful. And gives me the insight to figure out the next big steps.

Telling myself I’ll work on vacation is easy. It’s not working that’s hard.

But breaking out of my comfort zone, even a little bit, is a challenge worth taking.

So I’m trying to get better at recognizing when I need a break. Some common triggers for me are:

  • Wanting to work… but not knowing what to work on.
  • Making no progress but continuing to try without a break.
  • Losing motivation for something that I previously enjoyed.

Realizing when these happen doesn’t come naturally. But by being more honest with myself it’s getting a bit easier.

And I hope that sharing my mindset can help you learn a bit more about your own.

So I’d love to know – where do you get stuck?