The RailsDevs developer bounty program

I’m excited to share that the RailsDevs developer bounty program has officially begun! 🎉

Every contribution to the open source codebase will now reward a monetary bounty.

Each completed issue or merged pull request will reward $25 or more depending on the complexity of the contribution. Bounties will be paid via GitHub Sponsorships, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle - whatever works best for the developer.

RailsDevs bounty payouts
RailsDevs bounty payouts

RailsDevs, a reverse job board for Ruby on Rails developers, strives to create the best possible experience for Rails developers looking for work. Rewarding OSS contributors is a small way of giving back to the community that have helped along the way.

Ideally, the program will also help junior developers get hired by paying them for work to build their resume. All beginner-friendly issues will be cross-posted to Beginner Bounties to help ensure a junior developer gets first dibs.

Unclaimed issues tagged with “help wanted” on GitHub are up for grabs. Comment on the issue and I will assign it to you to work on.

To keep things moving, you’ll have 2 weeks to submit a pull request. If you don’t finish in time, no worries! Comment and let me know and we can work something out.

First PR ever? Need help deciding which design pattern to use? Can’t fix a flaky test? Let me know – I’m more than happy to help. Feel free to comment on the issue/PR or send me an email.