The secret tool to launch your Rails business in the app stores

Let’s talk mobile. In our always-on, app-driven world, having a standout mobile presence isn’t just nice to have; it’s a must-have.

But you already know the headache that comes with trying to get your business’s app onto iOS and Android. It’s like being in a constant juggling act, dealing with app store review and writing the same code again and again for each platform.

Building fully native apps for iOS and Android is a ton of work. Not only are they a beast to build, but they’re also a nightmare to maintain. Imagine having to create every single screen three times – once for the web, then for iOS, and again for Android. That’s just not possible for small or even medium-sized dev teams.

And don’t get me started on app store reviews. Even a tiny bug fix can get stuck in limbo for days, sometimes weeks. Plus, juggling separate codebases for Ruby, Swift, and Kotlin? That’s just asking for trouble.

You’re probably thinking, “There’s got to be a simpler way to do this, right?” Absolutely, and that’s what we’re here to explore.

The hybrid solution

Allow me to introduce you to Turbo Native. It’s a framework that lets you build hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android. Your HTML from the Rails server gets wrapped up in a native app that you release to the App Store and Google Play.

The best part? You build your screens once in HTML, and boom – you’re ready to go on the web, iOS, and Android, all at the same time. Deploy to your server and you’re done. No more hassling with repackaging or resubmitting to app stores. No waiting for the review team to give the green light.

Turbo Native is all about leveraging your team’s strengths – letting them focus on Ruby code while most of the business logic stays on the server. The apps? They’re just there to show off your HTML.

And unlike fully native apps, Turbo Native apps aren’t expensive to build or maintain. I had the same version of a Turbo Native app in the App Store for almost five years, all while continuously adding features and fixing bugs from the server.

In short, Turbo Native is like giving superpowers your Rails developers.

Real-World Success with Turbo Native

When it comes to adopting new technology, nothing speaks louder than real-world success stories and proven results. And that’s exactly what Turbo Native brings to the table. Let’s look at some compelling cases:

  • Rapid development and launch: I personally spearheaded a project where we launched a Turbo Native app on iOS from scratch to the App Store in just 7 weeks. This timeline is a testament to the efficiency and speed Turbo Native offers, especially compared to the months (or even years) usually required for native app development.
  • Application showcase: The Turbo Native Directory features a variety of apps built with Turbo Native. This showcase highlights the versatility and adaptability of Turbo Native across different industries and use cases, offering inspiration and confidence in what can be achieved with this framework.
  • Industry leader adoption: 37signals has built all three of their major apps – HEY Email, HEY Calendar, and Basecamp – with Turbo Native. This move underscores the reliability and scalability of Turbo Native for businesses of all sizes.
  • Fast feature deployment: One of the standout advantages of Turbo Native is how little the native code needs to change. This means that adding new features or updates is primarily done on the Rails server, eliminating the need for extensive native development each time. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to stay agile and responsive in their app offerings.

By choosing Turbo Native, you’re not just selecting a technology; you’re embracing a proven pathway to success. It’s about making your app development journey faster, more efficient, and more exciting for your Rails team.

Need help?

That’s just a quick tour of Turbo Native and how it can make your life easier. It’s all about getting your Rails business onto the app stores without the usual headaches and hair-pulling.

If you’ve got questions or need a hand figuring this all out, I’m here for you. Send me an email me at Whether you’ve got a big idea or just a small question, I’m all about helping you make your mobile app dreams a reality.

Let’s get your business in the app stores, together!