My favorite podcasts

My favorite thing about Monday morning is the awesome list of podcasts I get to listen to!

I queue up new episodes in Overcast and listen to them throughout the week. I can’t work while listening, so I play them in the car when dropping my kid off at school or on walks.

Here are my top pods I’m listening to right now. They mostly cover Ruby on Rails and bootstrapping.

Framework Friends

Aaron Francis and Andrew Culver compare notes on their experiences as developers in the Laravel and Ruby on Rails ecosystems.

I’ve been following Andrew’s journey building Bullet Train for a while and he puts out some of the highest quality work I’ve seen. And I recently got to meet him and Aaron at Rails Conf this year!

I love the compassion and empathy of this podcast. It shows how developers from “competing” web frameworks can teach and inspire each other.

The Bootstrapped Founder

The Bootstrapped Founder Podcast is a weekly show about starting and bootstrapping businesses, how to build an audience, and how to build in public.

Arvid and his partner bootstrapped and sold their business for a life changing amount of money. Now he shares his experiences with others and helps them along their journey.

This is one of the most genuine pods I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Arvid covers a wide range of topics that stretch outside of bootstrapping, like how to stay happy after exiting and mental health.

Software Social

Two indie SaaS founders—one just getting off the ground, and one with an established profitable business—invite you to join their weekly chats.

Colleen and Michele each run their own bootstrapped businesses and share their ups, downs, and everything in between. Including how they manage their lives outside of making money.

Software Social is supported by the community - by contributing you get your name called out at the end of each episode!

Code with Jason

On the Code with Jason podcast I discuss technical topics with interesting people. Guests include people like Kent Beck, Sandi Metz, Michael Hartl, Chris Oliver and Kelsey Hightower.

Jason extends his easy-going Ruby on Rails blog mentality to his podcast. His demeanor and casualness make for an exciting ride - you never know where the conversation might lead.

I was a guest on episode 98 where I talked about building iOS apps with Turbo Native.

Fullstack Ruby

Futuristic WebDev That’s Fast and Fun

Jared White, creator of Bridgetown, monologues on how he uses Ruby to create web apps. He covers a wide range of topics on web dev but always centered around Ruby.

The intro music and Jared’s soothing voice bring this podcast to another level. I always feel super zen when hitting play on this one!

Indie Bites

Short, bite-sized conversations (15 mins) with indie hackers that have started small, profitable and bootstrapped businesses. You’ll learn how they come up with ideas, what they do to validate, find those first customers and make a sustainable income. Episodes every Tuesday and Friday.

This is the perfect podcast to listen to if you don’t have a lot of time. Good friend and fellow indie hacker James McKinven somehow boils down high value conversations into just 15 minutes each episode.

James has mastered the art of delivering the most value in the shortest amount of time. He recently launched a course on launching your own podcast requiring only 2 hours per week.

The Business of Authority

How to make a living while you’re making a difference. A weekly show for independent professionals who want to go from six-figures to seven while increasing their impact on the world.

Rochelle Moulton and Jonathan Stark share practical, actionable steps to level up your consulting business. My wife and I are long time listeners and talk about this podcast almost weekly.

What really sold me on this pod was the concept of “value-based pricing” for consulting projects. In a very rough summary, charging your clients for the value it brings their business, not the time you worked on it.

Remote Ruby

Three Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

Chris Oliver, Jason Charnes, and Andrew Mason dive into different aspects of the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. One of the first dev-related podcasts I started listening to. I got to meet all three at RailsConf this year and geek out with them!

I joined for an episode and talked about, you guessed it, building hybrid iOS apps with Turbo Native and Hotwire.


Listen in on Colleen and Aaron’s weekly conversation. No intro, no editing, no music. Proudly hosted on! Subscribe using one of the buttons below, or listen here.

I’m a sucker for following bootstrapped journeys and this one is no different. It’s great to hear folks struggle through similar issues as I build my SaaS. And it makes the successes even sweeter.

Following a theme here, Hammerstone the product works with both Rails and Laravel. Check it out if you want to empower your team with custom queries into your data.

The Ruby on Rails Podcast

The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani. Produced by Mirror Placement. Edited by Peachtree Sound.

The hosts rotate between episodes so each one feels fresh and exciting. Lots of Rails-related topics are covered but my favorite are the 1:1 interviews with guests. The high quality interviews work really well in keeping the conversation structured.

I was on this podcast too! I shared my journey growing RailsDevs on episdode 413 and dropped and exclusive on my upcoming Turbo Native workshop.


A podcast exploring running an indie + bootstrapped software (SaaS) company. Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics.

The hosts run a privacy focused analytics platform – a business that I have a lot of respect for. They made me rethink how I collect data from my users, how I use it, and most importantly, why.

I now run all of my websites on Fathom – and can share this awesome public dashboard for RailsDevs!

What do you listen to?

Those are the podcasts I’m most excited about right now.

What about you? What are you listening to? Let me know on Twitter!