⚡️ Hotwire dev newsletter - November 2021 edition

A curated, monthly roundup of the best Turbo (Native), Stimulus, and Strada articles, code, courses, and more by Joe Masilotti.

Welcome back to the ⚡️ Hotwire dev newsletter! This month we have a podcast with Basecamp’s lead Android developer, a few Hotwire-powered open source projects, and tons of tutorials. In Turbo news, v7.1.0 saw three separate release candidates, which now replicates all of rails-ujs functionality. This includes confirmation dialogs, disabling forms on submit, and more.

I’m also excited to announce that RailsDevs is officially live! A “reverse job board” for Rails devs that strives to give power back to the independent developer. Instead of companies posting their jobs, developers post their profiles. The site is powered by Rails and open source – I’d love if you could add your developer profile or contribute some code.

🎙📹 Podcasts and videos

Turbo Native for Android and Hotwire with Jay Ohms

by Donn Felker @donnfelker

Jay Ohms, the lead Android dev at Basecamp, gives an overview of how Turbo Native works on Android. There’s also a great teaser of what Hotwire’s Strada will be when it’s released around the 37 minute mark.

Turbo Native Blog

by Jonathan Bennett

A 6-part video series on building hybrid apps on iOS with Turbo Native. Jonathan covers setting the iOS and Rails apps, authentication, the JavaScript Bridge, and more.

🐙 Open source


by irill Platonov @kirplatonov

Automatically reload the page when “view” files are modified, like HTML, CSS, helpers, and JavaScript. Can also be configured to listen to any path, like view components.

Bridgtown Fundraising

by ared White @jaredcwhite

Bridgetown, a Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator, is looking for donations and sponsors to help fund future development.

Avo admin framework

by drian Marin @adrianthedev

Configuration-based, no-maintenance, extendable Ruby on Rails admin framework powered by Hotwire.

🎓 Tutorials

GitHub Issue-style File Uploader Using Stimulus and Active

by eremy Smith @jeremysmithco

A no nonsense blog post on adding drag-and-drop file uploads to a text field. Jeremy starts with the solution, a beefy Stimulus controller, then dives into how it works and how to wire it up to your view.

Handling modal forms with Rails, Tailwind CSS, and Hotwire

by ram Jetten @BramJetten

Not just modals, but forms inside of said modals. Extends the modal controller from TailwindCSS Stimulus Components to hook into success and failure callbacks to clear errors.

Turbo Training

by lessandro Rodi @coorasse

Practice your Turbo skills with this Turbo training page. Five exercises that get progressively more difficult, ranging from replacing the content of a Turbo Frame to submitting a form without refreshing the page.

Increment likes count without any page refreshes

by aroslav Shmarov @yarotheslav

A compact tutorial on on implementing Twitter or Facebook “likes” with Turbo. The count is persisted in the database and Turbo powers the reloading of the partial.

Enriching slow Rails forms with Turbo Frames

by ennis Paagman @djfpaagman

A Turbo-powered approach to showing a “loading” screen when submitting a form that takes a while to load. Dennis also touches on disabling the form with a Stimulus controller (if you aren’t using the latest RC of Turbo).

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Jobs

Hire Kaleb Lape

Hooked on coding with Windows 95 and QBasic, I found my way to Ruby on Rails in 2015 and never looked back. Now I build software, consult, and refine raw talent at Rails Quest.

Hire Feti Jashari

Rails Developer specializing in SaaS Apps, ERPs, CRMs, APIs including Payments, Analytics etc. Expert on Jumpstart Rails Hatchbox.

And finally…

Remember that time that DHH said he was enjoying this newsletter? 🤯

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