⚡️ Hotwire dev newsletter - August 2021 edition

A curated, monthly roundup of the best Turbo (Native), Stimulus, and Strada articles, code, courses, and more by Joe Masilotti.

Welcome back to the ⚡️ Hotwire dev newsletter! This edition has a lot of great tutorials along with a full-featured book on Rails development. I’m extra excited about the first two links: building a Twitter clone and HEY-inspired pop-ups.

You’ll also notice a new section, Jobs. This includes both employers looking to hire Rails devs and individuals who are looking for Rails work. If you’re on either end of the market, send me an email to get added to the next edition.

👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Tutorials

How to build a Twitter clone with Rails and Hotwire

by Rob Race @rob__race

Rob walks through building a Twitter clone that live-updates thanks to Action Cable with no custom JavaScript. And the best part? You can get yours working in less than 10 minutes.

HEY-inspired Pop-ups Using Hotwire

by Jacob Daddario @JacobDaddario

Replicate Hey and Basecamp’s pop-up menus with a Turbo Frame and a tiny Stimulus controller. This approach works great for menus because the content is only loaded when toggled and will remain cached.

Handling modal forms with Rails, Tailwind CSS, and Hotwire

by David Colby @davidcolbyatx

Not just remotely rendered modals, but forms inside of said modals. Extends the modal controller from TailwindCSS Stimulus Components to hook into success and failure callbacks to clear errors.

Lazy load data with minimum effort

by John Kapantzakis @kapantzak

A before-and-after article showing how to lazy load content with vanilla JavaScript then converting it to a Turbo Frame. The diff? 20 lines added and 65 removed!

🏁 Getting started guides

A Brief Hello to Hotwire

by Noel Rappin @noelrap

Learn how a single Turbo Frame can add inline editing to your CRUD app – all without any custom JavaScript.

Reactive Rails: Hotwire

by Ben Vandgrift @bvandgrift

A deep dive review of Hotwire and how Flagrant integrated it into their app, step by step. Following up, Ben compares StimulusReflex to Hotwire and why you might choose one over the other.

📘 Books

Modern Front-End Development for Rails

by Noel Rappin @noelrap

A book on building rich, engaging client-side interactions with the Hotwire stack. When needed, React is covered to handle more complex features.

📱 Turbo Native

Creating an iOS Share Extension for a Turbo Rails App

by Julian Rubisch @julian_rubisch

An alternative approach to posting a JavaScript message to the server: using the native share dialog. The fun part about this post is seeing the YouTube video appear in your Rails app after sharing from the iOS client.

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Jobs

Hire Noah Zitsman

Senior principal software engineer specializing in secure backends & APIs including payments, analytics, ETL. Care.com, 24/7 Real Media, Former startup founder & CTO @ Consumr.

Hire Michael Pope

Junior Dev looking to build more than I break. Made the jump into freelance from a career in managed care operations last year. It’s been a wild ride but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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