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A curated, monthly roundup of the best Turbo (Native), Stimulus, and Strada articles, code, courses, and more.

November 2023 edition

Turbo 8 introduces morphing, a feature that simplifies high-fidelity interactions in Rails apps. Also, a coupon code for the upcoming Turbo Native crash course next week.

October 2023 edition

Recordings of the talks from Rails World, a new community-powered resource hub, an open source book for Django developers, and more.

September 2023 edition

Official releases of Rails 7.1 beta and Strada, including a bunch of first look articles and some deep dives.

August 2023 edition

Official Turbo Native library releases, a bunch of tutorials, and some big announcements in the Hotwire space this month.

July 2023 edition

Rails World speaker announcement, a bunch of Hotwire tutorials, and some articles on integrating native code into Turbo Native apps.

June 2023 edition

Rails World tickets sold out in 45 minutes, Stimulus APIs step-by-step, a beginners guide to Hotwire, a new Turbo Native workshop, and more.

May 2023 edition

Rails World CFP announcement, how to write your own Rails generators, and FIVE articles on Turbo Native this month.

April 2023 edition

More info on Rails World, a new Turbo Native workshop, part 3 of the Hotwire Handbook, and a call for junior developers in this month's edition.

March 2023 edition

An update from The Rails Foundation, a new open-source project that simplifies navigation flows in Turbo Native apps, the launch of The Rails Changelog podcast, and a bunch of Hotwire tutorials and videos.

February 2023 edition

An exciting announcement from The Rails Foundation, official Turbo support from Devise, and a bunch of updates about upcoming conferences.

January 2023 edition

How to build a Twitter clone in Rails, real-time drawing with Action Cable, 60+ Rails 7.1 features with examples, and a new Hotwire job board.

December 2022 edition

New releases of Ruby, Stimulus, and Nate Hopkins's "TurboBoost" libraries; the first video from the Rails SaaS Conference; and a tutorial on rolling your own authentication.

November 2022 edition

The Rails Foundation, an exciting new API was added to Stimulus, vanilla Rails is “plenty”, a new Turbo Native article, and more.

October 2022 edition

Creating custom Turbo Stream actions, using View Components in modern Rails apps, how to minify your Tailwind CSS in production, and more.

September 2022 edition

Turbo v7.2 is live with support for custom Turbo Streams, two 3+ hour free video tutorials, and results from the Rails Hackathon.

Junior developer edition

The junior developer edition - tips, tricks, and advice for getting hired and how seniors can empower them.

July 2022 edition

RailsConf videos are live, I'm doing a Turbo Native live stream, and lots of content from Matt Swanson.

June 2022 edition

The official Rails Discord channel, common a11y improvements for Rails apps, and the most popular links of the past year the newsletter.

May 2022 edition

A RailsConf wrap-up with links to slides, Query Objects in Rails, custom Turbo Stream actions, and the 2022 Ruby on Rails Community Survey results.

April 2022 edition

How to recreate Notion in Hotwire 🤯, events going on the week of RailsConf, a paid course made free, and more in this month's edition.

March 2022 edition

RailsConf tickets are on sale, how to implement live updating notifications, Bullet Train goes open source, and I announce a Turbo Native workshop.

February 2022 edition

19 features built in Hotwire, a free and open source course, dynamic forms with Stimulus, and more in this month’s edition.

January 2022 edition

An interview with DHH on Rails 7, building authentication from scratch, and a surprisingly healthy Reddit conversation on Turbo.

December 2021 edition

Rails 7 is here! Also, a brand new podcast, why DHH thinks the time is right for Hotwire, and an in-depth article on building a real-time chat app.

November 2021 edition

A podcast with Basecamp's lead Android developer, Hotwire-powered open source projects, and tutorials on modal forms, "like" counts, slow forms, and more.

October 2021 edition

Two live coding videos, Turbo Native in the real world, and tons of Hotwire tutorials.

September 2021 edition

Hotwire 1.0 official release, Stimulus tutorials, and a huge list of open source Hotwire apps.

August 2021 edition

How to build a Twitter clone with Rails and Hotwire, HEY-inspired pop-ups, and some folks looking for Rails work.

July 2021 edition

Learn Hotwire by building a forum, an open source Turbo-iOS starter project, and an opinionated collection of Stimulus best practices.

June 2021 edition

Where to find help/documentation and how to get started with Hotwire: Turbo (Native), Stimulus, and Strada. Also, some exciting links I've collected since launch.